Where To Find A Nanny Agency

A nanny agency is an employment service that basically matches up qualified professional nannies with families in need of their services. While the families will have to pay a fee for this matching service, most of the nanny agencys will not charge a potential employee if they qualify by meeting the normally stringent requirements that they may have. When searching for a good agency, look for the ones that actively recruit qualified candidates with which to fill their positions. An agency should also conduct a very thorough, in-depth interview with all potential candidates prior to the introduction to a family.

If you are trying to get hired for a nanny job, then be prepared for the agency to conduct a criminal background check before they hire you, as safety is a major concern for both the family and the agency. Reference checks are another important consideration, and an agency will usually check every reference given. A personal interview will take place as well. The nanny employment agency should also provide all of this information to the family who will be hiring a specific candidate.

Another important consideration is the contract, and it should be worded so that it will protect all parties involved. While there are standard contracts available, most nanny agencys will modify their own to fit their needs. However all parties, namely the family, the nanny service and the potential nanny must be agreeable to the modifications.

There are several items that you will want to be sure are covered in the contract, such as the exact responsibilities and duties that will be required of the nanny. The requirements of the nanny are normally related to feeding and transporting the children to school and activities, as well as nap and playtime, discipline, etc.

Obviously, the subject of scheduling and salary is of vital importance and both the nanny and nanny agencys should know exactly what is going to be the rate of pay and what hours the nanny will be expected to work. This should also include what benefits, if any are going to be included, as well as how sick days and vacation time will be handled. Will transportation be provided or does the nanny have to provide her own car? Since there may be times that a nanny is asked to stay late or come in early, the rate of overtime should also be clearly spelled out in the contract.

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